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28 November – 2 December 2022 // National Capital Region, USA
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Tutorial Proposal Submission Instructions

Download the Tutorial Proposal Submission Instructions PDF

Please provide the following information for MILCOM 2022 Tutorial Proposals. All ten items need to be addressed for proposal consideration. In addition to those ten items, the proposal may include some information on unique features and values that the material and presentation will bring to the audience. Email confirmations will be required during tutorial evaluation to ensure all proposals secure equal evaluation and acknowledgment of correspondence with the tutorial chairs.

All proposals need to be sent to with responses to all of the guidelines below. Proposals not meeting the required guidelines below will be returned noting the deficiencies. The proposers of each tutorial proposal agree that they will abide by all tutorial submission deadlines and at least one of the tutorial instructors will attend MILCOM 2022. Please keep submissions up to six pages.

  1. Title of the tutorial
  2. Abstract, objectives and motivation
  3. Timeliness, intended audience and their required past expertise
  4. Name, affiliation, and a short biography of each tutorial speaker
  5. A description of the technical issues that the tutorial will address, emphasizing its timeliness
  6. An outline of the tutorial content, including its tentative schedule
  7. Completion percent of the tutorial. That is, 100% equals ready to go. 50% means halfway completed. If not 100% provide a completion date.
  8. A description of the past/relevant experience of the speaker(s) on the topic of the tutorial
  9. A description of previous tutorial experience of the speaker(s), and past versions of the tutorial
  10. State if a similar tutorial has been offered in recent MILCOMs (last two years) and how your tutorial differs.
  11. Examples of other (optional) information: Hands-on and interactive demonstrations; Foundational and includes state-of-the-art research results; Includes tools and techniques used by practitioners; Had an audience of more than x at Conference y.

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